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trusts and asset protection, expertise in TavistockMany people are wary of trusts which are seen to be complicated and expensive. However trusts are very useful tools when it comes to protecting family assets and providing for beneficiaries.

Some trusts may be very straightforward for example where assets are simply being held until young children reach adulthood. Others may provide for a vulnerable beneficiary who is unable to manage their own affairs so they may be looked after without the risk of the funds being lost and preserving means-tested benefits. Trusts protect assets for future generations against divorce and bankruptcy and give you control over the future direction of the trust assets.

Trusts are also useful vehicles for tax planning, removing assets from your taxable estate but still enabling you to retain some control and again offer protection should your beneficiaries face financial difficulties.

Whilst a trust is not right for everyone, we can explain when it may be appropriate and how it would work for you and your family.

With our advice and guidance we can help you set up the trust that is most appropriate for you. We will then prepare the bespoke trust document and deal with all the legal steps to create the trust for you.

We will also assist with the management of the trust as follows:

So if you would like more information about trusts and how they work, feel free to get in touch.